Friday, October 15, 2010

WE'RE HERE!!!!! we've actually been here for almost two weeks but as you can see by me not posting in the last two months...I've been a huge slacker. I've blamed it on being overwhelmed but let's be honest, it was mostly just plain laziness. So...I've decided to be better about it--we'll see how that goes.

Two weeks ago today, I picked up the uhaul and started loading up. We rolled outta Wilmington Saturady morning, October 2, and made the drive to Raleigh to pick up Ana and load her stuff. With the help of my stepdad, Mitchell, and Ana's dad, Wayne, we managed to fit everything was tight but we made it.

After our furniture, U-Haul tetris game was over, we hit the road. We made it into Maryland, almost to Delaware when we decided to stop for the night. The next morning we made the journey the rest of the way. The trip was a piece of cake until we got to right outside the city where we ran into a few snags, but two hours later we were in front of our apartment and ready to unload!

After getting everything in, it was hard to decide where to even start with unpacking amidst complete chaos! But...we just got to it, and box by box made progress. By Monday, we had everything pretty much put together and the only things left to find a place for are still sitting out two weeks later. I imagine it will be a month or two before everything is completely unpacked and in it's place but for now we're settling in. I was surprised how fast our apartment felt like home but I'm definitely comfortable here already and am excited about what's to come!

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