Thursday, August 19, 2010

SO much to tell...

Where to start? I suppose there wouldn't be so much to tell if I had posted some news in the last 2 weeks but I've been pretty overwhelmed. There has just been so much going on and so much that was up in the air since we got back from our apartment hunting trip that I didn't even know what to share, especially when nothing was official yet. I guess I'll start with the biggest news and then get into how we got there.

The BIG news is...we've officially changed our moving date to October 3, 2010! While we really wanted to move up September 1 for a number of reasons, the apartment we fell in love with wasn't available until this time so we had to make a compromise. Luckily, Josh was able to stay in his current apt the extra month and it was no problem for Ana and me to postpone our move one more month. AND we just got word today that our application was approved so we will be signing the lease in the next few days and emptying our bank accounts to secure the place!

After the crazy weekend we had apartment hunting, we are so thankful to have found such a nice, clean apartment that we love and can make our new home. We had a lot of ups and downs on our short trip up including: finding a great apt the first day only to find out there was already an application on it, to looking at a $3000 a month dump where I'm sure a large population of the LES cockroaches live, to spending 8 hours in the ER after Ana got food poisoning, and ending with finding the absolute perfect place only to find it wasn't available until Oct. Luckily, our last down found it's way up when Josh's landlord agreed to let him stay until October. The only problem now is that after being up there, I'm so excited to move I can't believe I have to wait another 6 weeks!

All in all, I'm so much less anxious and overwhelmed about the move after our trip. As some of you know, I was having a lot of anxiety in the last month but I'm now more sure than ever that this is what I want! Now it's time to trust God's plan and listen to the wise words of the Beatles--"There's...Nowhere you can be that isn't where your meant to be" ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok...not til we move. That's actually ONE MONTH from today! But in just four days, we will be up in New York looking for a place to live. I'm so excited to finally have our place so I can begin to wrap my head around what I can and cannot bring with me. I will definitely be downsizing!

Over the last few weeks Josh has been looking around with our realtor narrowing down the choices so that we have a good base of apartments to look at when we get there Friday morning. We will be spending Friday and Saturday looking at neighborhoods and apartments and will hopefully be able to get something locked down since Ana has to head back to NC on Sunday. If that doesn't happen, Josh and I will still be up there on Monday to keep looking or to get done whatever else we need to get done. I'll be coming back Tuesday to keep working away for a couple more weeks but hopefully with pictures of the new place and a little piece of mind.