Monday, October 18, 2010

The first two weeks...

Since I've been slacking I'm going to attempt to catch you up as best I can and from here out I'll do a better job of posting as things happen.

In our first two weeks here we've already been having so much fun! After mom and Mitchell left we only had about 12 hours until our first guests arrived. Two of Josh's friends from Wilmington came to stay with us Tuesday and Wednesday while they were here for an event and we had a great time going out with them and sharing our first night out celebrating the move and great friends! Our first weekend here one of my best friends in the world, Chris Casteline, came into the city with his friend Dave who I've known for a while and hung out with many times and Chris' girlfriend, Amanda, who I was meeting for the first time...they got the chance to see our new apartment and we found a restaurant in the neighborhood with amazing food that I'm sure we'll be frequenting...The Blind Pig! After they left Saturday night, my great friend, Cheryl, who I worked with at Nikki's, and her boyfriend Jon came into the city and stayed with us. We went out that night and met our mutual friend Emmy who happened to be in the city for the weekend from the Pittsburgh area. We ended the weekend with cooking and football at the apartment with the roomies!

Our first night out...

My weekdays have pretty much been filled with job hunting and exploring. This past week Ana and I made a trip to the New York Public Library's main branch in midtown which is absolutely amazing and then spent the afternoon reading in Bryant Park. We were also able to get into a taping of Comedy Central Presents with my friends Chris and Mike on Thursday night and had an amazing time laughing at the ridiculous comedians. This week I'm hoping to maybe take the Staten Island Ferry before it gets too cold to enjoy and also head upstate to my cousin Debbie's house to hang out with her and her kids and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and scenery!

This weekend we were lucky enough to have another great friend in town. Ana's best friend from growing up, Baker, was in town to celebrate his 27th birthday city style! We had a great time hanging out with Baker, and making new friends with his cousin and his friends who live in the city as well. I've got more friends coming into town this week and weekend so it looks like things won't be slowing down for now...I guess that's city life!!

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