Monday, October 18, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge :)

I got a text this morning from my cousin Debbie letting me know that her and her kids Jen and Alex were coming down to the city to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and asking if I wanted to go. This has been something I've wanted to do so even though I was a little sleepy when I first read the text, I drug my lazy butt outta bed and got ready for some touristy action!

Let me tell was definitely worth it! The views from the bridge were absolutely amazing and we couldn't have had a more beautiful day to do it! With the temperature right around 70, the sun shining, and just a slight breeze, the weather was perfect for a great day outdoors!

We walked the full length of the bridge and back starting on the Manhattan side. We all thought it would be longer but it really isn't that far over the bridge so it made for a nice relaxing day. Jen took tons of pictures and I'll be posting them on facebook so you can check them out there. I'll give you a small preview now...

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