Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why NYC??

Why NOT New York?! It's amazing! :) Seriously though...there are definitely pros and cons to the big city but in the end, the pros won out.

Living at the beach the biggest con I hear from people is "What are you going to do in the winter??" My response is usually, "I think I'll be fine." Which is usually followed by a pause and then a shrug with the response, "I guess you are from South Dakota." And while my blood has thinned considerably being in the South for six years, at least for now, I'm excited for snow again! We'll see how I feel after a few months of it... I'll definitely have to help Ana in the south her whole life definitely hasn't helped to prepare her!

Even with that and a few other cons (cost of living, teeny tiny apartments, etc) they just couldn't outweigh the obvious and exciting pros! An endless amount of things to do/see and people to meet, the amazing energy that lingers in the air, so many new things to explore...I could go on and on! One of the other great things about New York City that other places didn't have was that I already have some amazing friends living up there so I won't be alone when I experience a little beach homesickness! One of my best friends from home, Kimberly Nelson, will be living in Queens this year as she finishes up PA school...another of my best friends that I met while in Wilmington, Chris Casteline, lives in north Jersey, only about an hour outside of the city...another dear friend, Josh Livesay, will be sharing an apartment with Ana and me. I'm so excited to be living closer to these great friends!! In addition to these close friends, there are also high school buddies who have made there way to the city during their journeys and families of friends who live close by. It's definitely always good to know you have people who care nearby just in case.


  1. Hey! you forgot about us! thanks alot cuz...hahaha im only kidding but really were here if you need us, or if you dont need us n jus wanna come visit!!

  2. Aw, thanks cous!!! Did I not send it to you guys??? Sorry!!! I'll definitely be up visiting! I can't wait to meet your husband! You guys are definitely welcome to crash in the city anytime you want!