Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet My Future Roomies!

I'm very lucky to have two great friends to move in with in NYC. Not only will it be great to share this amazing experience with them but it's going to help immensely to share the bills with them too!! First meet Ana Townsend:

Ana and I met while working at the Ale House 5 years ago. That same fall I joined Pi Sigma Epsilon, the marketing and sales fraternity at UNCW, where Ana was already a member. Ana moved back to the Raleigh area, where she is from, in Oct. of 2008 to work for Greystone Bank where she is an accountant. She is currently working on getting her Masters in Accountancy online while still working full time. She's definitely got a lot on her plate but she still finds time to make it down to see me in Wilmington quite often and I try to get up there as much as possible as well! I can't wait to be back in the same town as her having fun, fun, fun!

My other roommate will be Joshua Livesay:

Josh and I also met while working at the Ale House 5 years ago. We made a lot of mutual friends there so even after we stopped working together, we stayed good friends by running in the same circles. Josh graduated from UNCW with a degree in History. After graduating he got the itch that so many of us do to get outta town and try something new. So, last September Josh made the big move to New York City. He's been living up there since then in a one bedroom apartment in downtown Manhattan while working at Planet Hollywood as a server. Josh has an incredible zest for life and has definitely been making the most of living in New York City by exploring every chance he gets. I can't wait to start exploring with him and it will definitely be nice to have him there to help us adjust to a new city!

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