Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From the beginning...

Where to start?? Well I guess I'll go back 5 1/2 years ago to the first time I visited NYC with two dear friends of mine from SD, Ashley and Beth. The three of us were "traveling buddies" and this was our first big adventure after my move to Wilmington. From that first visit I was in love! I've been blessed to travel a few places in my 26 years but there is something about Manhattan that is like no where else I've ever been. When I'm there I feel inspired and motivated just by stepping outside...much different than the beach lifestyle I've grown used to ;) I feel my future roommate described how our coming move came about perfectly so I'm going to tell it to you from the words of Ana Townsend:

"While I was living in Wilmington, my bff, Kelly, and I talked about how bored we were with our lives, how we disliked our jobs, how we were tired of doing the same old thing every weekend. We started daydreaming (and a lot of work emailing) about where we wanted to move. It went from Hawaii to Dallas to Chicago to Virginia Beach to Charleston. There were pros and cons to every location: weather/climate, travel distance from family, cost of living, jobs, etc. One of us would bring up New York, and we would both say, “I WISH!!” And then the thought would leave our minds as quickly as it came.

Later, I (Ana)moved back to Raleigh and the daydreaming was put on hold. Then one day last May we started talking seriously about it, whether both of us would actually do it. It was apparent that it was a dream for both of us, so we just said “Let’s do it!” I wrote up a little contract with financial deadlines, spending rules we had to follow, steps to take professionally (resume, school), etc. We planned a trip last October (told everyone it was just for fun) to scout it out to see if we actually wanted to do this. Well, it worked, because we both fell in love with the city. The minute we got back, planning mode was in full force.

All of this excitement, coupled with my blazing ambition to live life to the absolute fullest and use my mind in ways I never thought I could, means that this is definitely happening."

Couldn't have said it better myself--thanks Ana!! Like she said...this is definitely happening. I couldn't be more excited...and terrified!

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  1. I could just cry, I'm so excited and we are so blessed!!

    And thanks for the cred :) I'm gonna put a link to your blog on mine!